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Decision time about Grow Mediums!

The Grow Medium is simply where your cannabis plant roots grow.  The good news is you have choices.  You don’t have to just stick your cannabis plants in the dirt and chant or pray over them hoping they’ll grow.  There are varying mediums to nurture the growth of your roots.  Choosing the right medium plays a crucial role in cultivation.  Understanding the different mediums helps you select the one suited for you.

Here are a few different grow mediums:


Hands down the most traditional.  Widely available and easy to use for beginners.  Organic, with nutrient rich compounds.  Good water retention helps plants thrive.  More forgiving than other mediums, but the trade-off is slower growth and higher susceptibility to pests.


Coco-Coir is an organic medium made from frayed coconut husks.  Referred to as a soilless medium, its benefits stack up quickly.  Great water retention, pH neutral, oxygen to the roots, and easy drainage, all key elements for speedy growth.  Reusable, Coco is friendly to the environment.

Expanded Clay (Hydroton)

Hydroton is made from small pieces of clay.  The clay is heat treated, allowing it to expand and become porous.  The pores allow for maximum oxygen delivery and greater drainage.  The clay makes for great water retention, and plants wick up the water as needed.  Access to water and nutrients make for a faster grow cycle.  Hydroton allows for many different cultivation styles, from ebb and flow to drip irrigation.


If it’s a popularity contest, Rockwool is definitely a prime contender.  It is used in operations from large-scale commercial to smaller scale.  Made from metal oxide or mineral fiber, the heat and pressure process results in a fibrous dense material perfect for a stable growing medium. Why is this medium preferred?  Breathability, great water retention, easy to control, and it helps to prevent against root based problems.  This medium is an excellent choice for most hydroponic systems.

Unsure which medium is best for your cultivation method?  Talk to us!

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