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Is the system like a vertically stacked horizontal grow?

No. Our Vertical Canopy System is significantly different than vertical stacked horizontal. Since the Vertical Canopy System pivots the canopy, it makes full use of the vertical height and minimizes wasted access space.

What is the best way to set up our facility?

For enterprise growers it’s key to set up your facility like a commercial production line. You have to align your people, space, and technology so that the workflows and processes work in conjunction with space and environmental issues. Technology, when used correctly, will reduce data entry and provide data visibility and labor efficiency. Every project is unique, and our approach tailors our systems to your specific situation.

When you say you help with workflow/process what does mean? I already know how to grow.

Put simply, we make your operation as efficient as possible. There are many different stages the cannabis plant has to go through over its life cycle. It’s very similar to many other products that are being manufactured – for example an automobile. It starts as raw material and has to move through many different stages in order to become something we drive off the lot. The more efficiently the assembly line is set up, the less it costs to produce the product. We make your operation as streamlined and profitable as possible.

What if I want to use different lights or a different irrigation system?

The system works best with our integrated lighting, irrigation, and racking systems.  While there are alternate light and irrigation options, many of them will negatively affect the output and production costs. Our team works with you to develop the right configuration for your specific situation.

Will you help us configure our mechanical (HVAC, environmental controls), electrical, and plumbing systems for the building?

Yes. Ideal Harvest is driven by a team of experts that align every aspect of the space, processes, and technology including environmental considerations. We’ll bring the right team of experts to the table at the right point in your process from applying for your license to outfitting your facility.

Do you help with the application process?

Yes, and in fact we prefer to. Ideal Harvest benefits are best realized when planned right from the application phase. We walk with you through each phase of the setup process from license through harvest.

We have a dispensary attached to our facility. Can you help us design and outfit that as well?

Yes. We have a lot of experience in cannabis retail and outfit dispensaries for many of our customers. We can handle everything from branding and packaging to staffing and security to align your whole operation efficiently.

Does the system grow full-height plants?

Yes. There is some variance in plant size based on grower preference and other factors, but overall the plant size in the Vertical Canopy System accommodates full-sized plants comparable to other growing methods.

Can Ideal Harvest help fund our operation?

We partner with several funding sources that can help with your capital requirements. Because the payback from the Vertical Canopy System is so fast, we can help translate the anticipated productivity to the financing entity and ensure the funding path works in alignment with your project timeline and specific output estimates.