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Turnkey compliant solutions.

Get your competitive edge. 6X+ more plants, 60% less cost to grow, totally compliant and only 130 days from install to harvest.


Smart growers never go it alone.

Gain the tools and resources you need and watch your business grow.


Still Growing Horizontally?

Modernize your operation and watch efficiency and profits skyrocket.


Tailored to the way YOU grow.

Maximize your space for greater yields, while consistently producing quality crops.

more plants per square foot
less cost to grow
days to first harvest

About Ideal Harvest

Growing is one thing – running a business is another.

We work out the details so you can focus on what you do best.

Ideal Harvest provides turnkey, compliant solutions and expert consulting to guide both budding and veteran entrepreneurs through every aspect of growing their cannabis business. We get up every morning because, at our core we believe there’s always a better way, and we exist to help our clients get closer to reaching their potential.

There is a special relationship between organizations, people, space, and technology. When each of these is aligned, incredible results happen. Whether you’re just starting out or have an established customer base, our team of experts can help your business reach its potential.

Modernize Your Grow Operation

Optimize your space, maximize your yield, and consistently produce quality crops.

Traditional ways of growing Cannabis and setting up a grow facility is truly wasteful. Our turnkey innovative solutions offer the advantage of the proven efficiencies of true vertical growing with total compliance, cost effectiveness, and profitability.

We take the way you grow and identify how the aspects of people, space, and technology can be aligned to achieve the best and most efficient way to operate your business. We can provide everything you need to outfit your entire facility so you can start growing your best crop immediately. We offer expert consultation and guidance on workflow processes and innovative solutions for every area of your cultivation facility including veg, flower, dry/cure, trim, processing, secure storage along with internal grow operations software to manage them all. Security systems, environmental control equipment, initial setup for consumables, processing equipment, and packaging solutions are also available through our network of partners. The only thing not included are the plants.

Our Elite Partners Bring Extensive Industry Experience


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Growing is one thing – running a business is another. We work out the details so you can focus on what you do best. What are you waiting for?

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