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Join us at the Spring 2017 Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Washington D.C. from May 17 – 19! This is hands down the must attend conference of the year if you are in the cannabis industry. MJ Biz Con is the longest running, biggest and most respected trade show in the country. They get thousands of attendees from all 50 states plus over a dozen countries – from business people and investors to cultivators, retailers, licensing experts and lawyers.

Come see us in booth 237, take a look at our cutting edge products and learn how we can optimize your grow operation and take it to its peak potential. We can provide everything you need to outfit your entire facility so you can start growing your best crop immediately. Our revolutionary vertical canopy┬ámodel can save you time, energy, labor, space and money – many facilities get 4x more plants and 4x more canopy!

Visit us and learn how a completely aligned grow facility is closer than you think.

You can also calculate your optimal plant yield right now using our Vertical Canopy Plant Calculator at

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