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Ideal Harvest True Vertical System, “The Wall”

The cannabis industry is growing at a tremendous rate. So how can you produce top quality cannabis in a cost-efficient way and produce maximum yield? Enter Ideal Harvest’s True Vertical: we call it “The Wall.”


What is Vertical growing?

Vertical growing is gardening up, vertically instead of horizontally, which is the traditional method. Want more benefits? It’s all about high quality yield, and growing vertically means maximizing square footage.

As more states and countries legalize cannabis and fuel industry growth, more and more companies are looking at the faster ROI and higher output capacity that Vertical growing offers.

You get what you pay for! The startup costs of traditional horizontal grows are less, and Vertical solutions come at a higher startup and operating cost, but focus on efficiency and high quality. Talk about higher! Do the math.

Want easier more accessible work flow for growers? With Vertical grows, the soft costs and the toll taken on stooping, bending, contorting to tend the plants is reduced because the worker has direct access to every plant.


Don’t confuse True Vertical with the other solutions!

You’ll see stacked horizontal gardens touted as vertical solutions, but it’s just multiple horizontal levels stacked one atop the other. Take note that they use the common pallet racking approach.

Ideal Harvest’s True Vertical System, “The Wall,” maximizes and expands space efficiently so that you can grow high quality cannabis. Going Vertical may be for you. Talk to us!

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