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A Global Team for Global Impact – Meet the Leadership Team

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The leadership team at Ideal Harvest provides clients with an unparalleled abundance of professionalism, leadership and cannabis business innovation in addition to broad international experience.

CEO Sheryl Mizicko is a seasoned thought leader with a passion for innovation with years of experience in the commercial cultivation industry.

Chief Revenue Officer Chas Herrin is a visionary and innovator who has worked for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

Together, with the company’s passionate and hardworking team, they form a powerful all-purpose force ready to provide turnkey, compliant solutions and expert consulting to guide both budding and veteran entrepreneurs through every aspect of growing their cannabis business to amazing success.

We will be introducing other members of the Ideal Harvest team of grow consultants and SMEs in future posts.

Learn more about the team and our brilliant team members.

Cannabis Grow Mediums

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Decision time about Grow Mediums!

The Grow Medium is simply where your cannabis plant roots grow.  The good news is you have choices.  You don’t have to just stick your cannabis plants in the dirt and chant or pray over them hoping they’ll grow.  There are varying mediums to nurture the growth of your roots.  Choosing the right medium plays a crucial role in cultivation.  Understanding the different mediums helps you select the one suited for you.

Here are a few different grow mediums:


Hands down the most traditional.  Widely available and easy to use for beginners.  Organic, with nutrient rich compounds.  Good water retention helps plants thrive.  More forgiving than other mediums, but the trade-off is slower growth and higher susceptibility to pests.


Coco-Coir is an organic medium made from frayed coconut husks.  Referred to as a soilless medium, its benefits stack up quickly.  Great water retention, pH neutral, oxygen to the roots, and easy drainage, all key elements for speedy growth.  Reusable, Coco is friendly to the environment.

Expanded Clay (Hydroton)

Hydroton is made from small pieces of clay.  The clay is heat treated, allowing it to expand and become porous.  The pores allow for maximum oxygen delivery and greater drainage.  The clay makes for great water retention, and plants wick up the water as needed.  Access to water and nutrients make for a faster grow cycle.  Hydroton allows for many different cultivation styles, from ebb and flow to drip irrigation.


If it’s a popularity contest, Rockwool is definitely a prime contender.  It is used in operations from large-scale commercial to smaller scale.  Made from metal oxide or mineral fiber, the heat and pressure process results in a fibrous dense material perfect for a stable growing medium. Why is this medium preferred?  Breathability, great water retention, easy to control, and it helps to prevent against root based problems.  This medium is an excellent choice for most hydroponic systems.

Unsure which medium is best for your cultivation method?  Talk to us!

Ideal Harvest True Vertical System, “The Wall”

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Ideal Harvest True Vertical System, “The Wall”

The cannabis industry is growing at a tremendous rate. So how can you produce top quality cannabis in a cost-efficient way and produce maximum yield? Enter Ideal Harvest’s True Vertical: we call it “The Wall.”


What is Vertical growing?

Vertical growing is gardening up, vertically instead of horizontally, which is the traditional method. Want more benefits? It’s all about high quality yield, and growing vertically means maximizing square footage.

As more states and countries legalize cannabis and fuel industry growth, more and more companies are looking at the faster ROI and higher output capacity that Vertical growing offers.

You get what you pay for! The startup costs of traditional horizontal grows are less, and Vertical solutions come at a higher startup and operating cost, but focus on efficiency and high quality. Talk about higher! Do the math.

Want easier more accessible work flow for growers? With Vertical grows, the soft costs and the toll taken on stooping, bending, contorting to tend the plants is reduced because the worker has direct access to every plant.


Don’t confuse True Vertical with the other solutions!

You’ll see stacked horizontal gardens touted as vertical solutions, but it’s just multiple horizontal levels stacked one atop the other. Take note that they use the common pallet racking approach.

Ideal Harvest’s True Vertical System, “The Wall,” maximizes and expands space efficiently so that you can grow high quality cannabis. Going Vertical may be for you. Talk to us!

Ideal Harvest Attending the Marijuana Business Conference 2017 in Las Vegas

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It’s time again for the event of the year – the Fall 2017 Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Las Vegas from November 15 – 17. Last year over 10,000 cannabis-related executives and financiers attended the 2016 show, making it by far the largest professional cannabis event in history. Attendees come from all 50 states and more than a dozen countries and include representatives from every aspect of the marijuana industry such as wholesale growers, dispensaries, lawyers, investors and technology innovators to name a few.


Come see us in booth 627 and take a look at our cutting edge products. Let’s talk about how we can optimize your grow operation and take it to its peak potential. Our team has vast combined experience in growing, facility design, operations, and technology implementation and we can provide everything you need to outfit your entire facility. Our revolutionary vertical canopy model can save you time, energy, labor, space and money!


Visit us and learn how a completely aligned grow facility is closer than you think.


You can also calculate your optimal plant yield right now using our Vertical Canopy Plant Calculator.

Battle of the Bulb

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I was just featured in an Elevated Nation article called “What’s right for your grow: LED or HID lighting?” where I discussed the lighting methods we use at Ideal Harvest.

It is remarkable how passionate cannabis growers can get when debating the pros and cons of lighting. When a group of marijuana cultivators come together the acronyms start flying – LEDs, HIDs, HPSs, CDLs! Everybody has a preference and an opinion about which lighting methods work best. Let me break it down for you.

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. It is a very large light bulb (some about the size of your forearm) made of a sealed tube filled with gas, and it creates light when the gas is ignited. The main type of HID lighting used in cultivation is HPS, or High Pressure Sodium bulbs. Growers prefer HPS light because it is very intense, has a red or orange tint, and gives off the ideal spectrum of light that plants need to thrive. The problem with HID lighting, such as the typical 1000 watt HPS bulb, is that it is very inefficient.

Many cannabis cultivators are switching to LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting to try and reduce energy costs. Sure, LEDs are by far the most efficient lights, the problem is that they don’t emit the specific color spectrum that plants require to optimize their growth. In addition, the LED produces little forward heat in comparison to HPS, so growers need to compensate for that lack of heat in the environment.

As I mention in the article, at Ideal Harvest we use the Boulder Lamp Industries 315 CDL light. CDL stands for Ceramic Discharge Light and, in my opinion, this light gives you the best of both worlds. They outperform typical 1000 watt HPS lights because they provide maximum amounts of blue and red spectrum as well as all other spectrum for optimum growth. Plus, they are more environmentally friendly and help reduce energy consumption.

Boulder Lamp Industries offers a unique CDL + LED hybrid light that uses both technologies. Several growers in Colorado who have done side by side tests with the hybrid light have been able to increase their yields by approximately 15%. From a cultivator’s standpoint, we want to produce the highest yields possible while using the least amount of energy. These lights let us do just that.

At Ideal Harvest, we specialize in working with growers to optimize cannabis yields through more efficient use of their space, people and technology. The alignment of design, equipment, lighting and workflow automation can make a major impact on your operations. To see how going vertical can increase production in your facility; check out our Vertical Canopy Plant Calculator .

Want to talk cannabis yields? Reach out to me directly, always happy to assist.

Email Mike

Ideal Harvest Attending the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo 2017

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Join us at the Spring 2017 Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Washington D.C. from May 17 – 19! This is hands down the must attend conference of the year if you are in the cannabis industry. MJ Biz Con is the longest running, biggest and most respected trade show in the country. They get thousands of attendees from all 50 states plus over a dozen countries – from business people and investors to cultivators, retailers, licensing experts and lawyers.

Come see us in booth 237, take a look at our cutting edge products and learn how we can optimize your grow operation and take it to its peak potential. We can provide everything you need to outfit your entire facility so you can start growing your best crop immediately. Our revolutionary vertical canopy model can save you time, energy, labor, space and money – many facilities get 4x more plants and 4x more canopy!

Visit us and learn how a completely aligned grow facility is closer than you think.

You can also calculate your optimal plant yield right now using our Vertical Canopy Plant Calculator at idealharvest.com/calculator.

Ideal Harvest Attending the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo 2016

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Ideal Harvest will be attending the 5th annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, from Nov. 15-Nov. 18. Also known as MJ Biz Con, the conference is by far the longest running, biggest and most respected show for the cannabis industry. As a result, it attracts over 7,500 serious players and leaders within the field, allowing them to meet, share and discuss the innovations and challenges specific to the growing cannabis industry.


We are incredibly excited to be exhibiting our products in booth 105 and allowing visitors to “Experience their Ideal Facility.” To pre-schedule a tour, click here or send an email to info@ideaharvest.com and we will get you set up and entered!


Will you be at MJ Biz Con 2016? Don’t forget to come by booth 105 and say “Hi!” While you’re there, check out a grow facility and see how we can help you grow your Ideal Harvest! … Plus, we’re pretty cool people if you want to hang out!


Ideal Harvest Attending the MJ Business Expo

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Ideal Harvest Attending the MJ Business Expo

We are proud to be attending the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida from May 9-11, 2016. The MJ Business Expo is the oldest and largest, national business exposition of the cannabis industry attended by 3000+ industry executives, experts and major investors, and more than 170 exhibitors. We are thrilled to share our innovative solutions with some of the most influential industry players with this spectacular event.

The Expo will include keynote presentations, vendors, growers, shop owners, and speakers with Q&A sessions. There will be sessions and vendors addressing issues like MMJ legalization, retail trends, hydroponics, lighting techniques, compliance, and much more. We are excited to share our revolutionary vertical growing model and show attendees how efficient and profitable they can truly be with the Ideal Harvest vertical canopy system.

The professionals attending this event are working to remove the stigma attached to our industry by showing the true character of the industry. We are proud to be part of this movement and showcase the legitimacy of our solutions!

Will you be at the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo this year?

Let us know and say “Hi!” See you there!

Marijuana Business Conference & Expo

Grow Your Ideal Harvest

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Grow Your Ideal Harvest

Do you have any idea how much waste is involved in a typical cannabis grow operation? Wasted energy, wasted labor, wasted space, wasted money, and, even more importantly, tons and tons of wasted potential.

Waste drives us crazy. Everything we do revolves around empowering our clients to stop wasting time and resources, and start becoming the kind of business they want to be: efficient, profitable, and truly impactful.

We have partnered with industry leaders to craft industry-leading products and solutions, but we are not simply a vendor. We personally partner with each of our clients to bring every single aspect of a grow operation in sync from seed to harvest and everything in between.

“Good enough” is not in our vocabulary – we look at every single thing that is holding you back from making the profit and impact you want and re-align it to your mission and goals. We’ve ironed out every wrinkle to forge the perfect grow operation. Take a look at our results:

  • SPEED – 150 days to first harvest
  • EFFICIENCY – 4X more plants/sq. ft. with a 3X bigger canopy
  • PROFITABILITY – 40% less cost per gram
  • QUALITY – Increased crop excellence
  • LEGITIMACY – Complete compliance from Day 1
  • SUSTAINABILITY – Minimize your energy costs
  • INSIGHT – Gain new perspective into your operation

We’ve seen almost every type of grow operation in use today,
but we haven’t seen yours.

If you are ready to become a leader instead of just “good enough” it’s time to give us a call.

Get In Touch