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Vertical is Better

By pivoting the canopy vertically, the square footage is significantly increased
compared to horizontal or vertically stacked horizontal systems.

Calculate Your Optimum Yield

Maximize Your Profit With
True Vertical Growing

Traditional ways of growing cannabis and setting up a grow facility are truly wasteful. Our turnkey, innovative solutions offer the advantage of the proven efficiencies of true vertical growing with total compliance, cost effectiveness, and profitability.

Design Parameters Utilized in Analysis
Flower Room: 25′ x 24′  (total of 600 sq. ft. of space)
Horizontal Grow Room: 12 4′ x 8′ grow tables with 4 1000W lights per table

The Vertical Canopy™ system design is per standard parameters for the system.  Estimates for yield and cost of production based upon actual grows of experienced grower running side by side operations.  The annual yield is based upon achieving 5 harvest from the flower room.  At the time of publication, a Colorado wholesale market price of $4.46 per gram was used.  Ideal Harvest and its affiliates do not guarantee any yield or production levels.


Horizontal Grow

Ideal Harvest Vertical Canopy™ 

Plant Count 288 1140
Plant/Sq Ft of Flowering Room 0.48 1.9
Canopy Size (sq. ft.)  768 2700
Cost Savings over Horizontal Grow  — 40% of Flowering Room Cost
Approximate Yield in Grams (Dry) 125,280 495,900
Additional Wholesale Gross Profit over Horizontal Grow 4.3X per Year
Solutions Title

Ideal Harvest Offers Everything You Need to Modernize Your Grow Operation Today

Cultivation House & Dispensary Design

(Available through preferred Partnerships)

Workflow Process & Staffing

Grow Consultation

Professional & Business Services

(Available through preferred partnerships)

Best Practices Compliance

Branding & Packaging

We’ve re-imagined the grow from the ground up.

Complete Outfitting of Cultivation Facility and Dispensary:

  • Vegetation Room Grow Systems
  • Flower Room Grow Systems
  • Dry/Cure Room Equipment
  • Processing Areas Equipment
  • Modular Walls
  • Lifts/Material Handling Equipment
  • Operations Software
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Irrigation and Lighting
  • Security Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Consumables and Other Supplies
  • Furnishing

We’ve seen almost every type of grow operation in use today,
but we haven’t seen yours.

We’ll work with your team including architects, consultants and contractors to help design the right facility, technology and processes for your vision and goals. Creating the most profitable grow facility means we partner with you from your license application through your first harvest. Contact us for assistance with the application process, site selection, and feasibility studies.