Charlie Hawley
Chief Operating Officer

Charles “Charlie” Hawley is an expert in start-ups, business development and customer relations.

With more than 12 years of experience developing and managing sales forces with multiple technology institutions, Hawley’s business acumen is unparalleled.

Hawley holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting and Finance from The University of Colorado Boulder, Leeds School of Business. He has worked in the corporate world since 1990, serving as VP for Four Winds Interactive, where he developed global alliances with Latin American partners. He has also served as a Managing Partner for Latam Software Solutions and as CEO for DiaSys Communications.

From his work in the Canadian cannabis industry to his achievements in Latin America, Hawley brings corporate savvy and an international flair to Ideal Harvest.

Hawley Spanish fluency makes him well suited to help Ideal Harvest expand business opportunities both north and south of the U.S. border.

“I am fortunate to be part of the Ideal Harvest team,” Hawley says. “Our dynamic cannabis technology company has successfully implemented very efficient high volume production grow systems in the US cannabis market and is currently focused on the exciting Canadian market.”

Hawley says that Ideal Harvest is comprised of a team of seasoned cannabis professionals as well as people with deep experience in scaling technology companies.

Hawley brings high energy and a positive vision to every company that wants to benefit from Ideal Harvest’s revolutionary grow systems.

Hawley’s deep skill set includes a history of effective motivation, the ability to recognize new markets and partnership opportunities, and a track record that has generated over $4,000,000 in sales in Latin America.