Sheryl Mizicko
Chief Executive Officer

Sheryl Mizicko is not your ordinary CEO

From her work as Director of Business Development for Improve Group in Denver, to years as a Rock ‘n’ Roll band manager for Jane’s Addiction and Hole, Mizicko has always danced to a different tune.
No matter the beat, Mizicko’s bottom line is centered on trust and appreciation for anyone who brings new ideas and ingenuity to their organizations.

Mizicko values thought leaders and trusted advisors who love to challenge the status quo.

“I love change and innovation,” Mizicko says. “I love to conquer new careers.”

Her focus is to guide partners, investors and business owners toward growth and profitability while building community with fans, customers and employees.

Mizicko wants cannabis entrepreneurs to see the revolutionary capabilities of her “Vertical Canopy System,” and see the potential in “flipping the grow industry on its side.”

From her work in interior design, entertainment management and business development, Mizicko understands the power of collective enterprise among a dedicated community.

“Anything can be achieved when the right individuals join together and put the right system in place,” she says. “I am driven to help everyone I meet connect with others and create opportunities for everyone to be more successful.”